AKC Dam: Mandy Light Golden

The breed originated in Scotland in the 1800's. It originally developed from crossing Yellow Retriever with Tweed Water Spaniel. Later integration of the Irish Setter and Bloodhound produced the retriever known today.  Coat colors vary from very light to dark golden. With pups, we guess their adult coat color based on their ear color. My Golden pups are sold with limited American Kennel Club registration to owners who plan to spay or neuter (encouraged to reduce cancer risks). Your purebred puppy will have all the AKC registration privileges (including shows that he/she qualifies for) except it is considered a non-breeder. Registering your dog with AKC includes: (as of 2011) your dog's name in a frame-able certificate, a free sixty-day trial of AKC's pet healthcare plan, a certificate for a free vet visit, and a free puppy handbook. This page is a sample of previous litter pups. 
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Goldens make JOYFUL companions!
The American Kennel Club describes the Golden Retriever breed as one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. of the top 50 pure breeds. It is inherently eager to please. It is a sturdy breed that enjoys water and outdoor activities. It is intelligent, quick to learn, and dedicated. Its working ability and personality makes it perfect as a guide, hunting companion, and assistance, search, and rescue dog. Some are chosen for show qualities and are trained for competitions. Most are chosen as family companions due to their playful, gentle, and patient nature.
AKC Golden Retrievers
North Georgia
A Suggestion Regarding Adopting a Pup from an Individual Family, Hobby- or Non-Licensed Breeder
All puppies deserve a wonderful, permanent home. However, I also feel that if you are paying for a purebred, you should be receiving one. Reputable breeders always provide original paperwork including the pup's actual registration paperwork. The American Kennel Association is a superior health registry. Each AKC registered puppy has its own registration number which is obtained by proof of purebred parents (including AKC's requirements for parental DNA). On the occasion that one of my beautiful, smart, and sweet purebred puppies cannot remain at their first home, I have helped families re-home their pups by forwarding contact numbers or email addresses of interested parties in their location. I always state that the transaction is between the two parties, and that I am just providing a courtesy referral. I do recommend, however, that for safety's sake, and to validate the puppy's health, that the puppy be acquired directly from the veterinarian's office after he or she clears its vet check. I also recommend that acquisition should include any terms within a bill of sale that includes the transfer of the pup's AKC registration.
A Little About Us
My dogs vary in age from elderly to youngsters. There are some adopted rescues and 'pound' pups in addition to my pure Goldens. These, of course, are not breeding dogs, but just loved, permanent family dogs. I am often asked if I accept help for the rescues. Click here to take you to that page. Maxwell, my breeding sire, is from an excellent champion/OFA bloodline, as well as some dams. All breeding dogs, however, are full-AKC registered, and are chosen for good health and personality. They are current on vaccines and worming. They do not show signs of (nor have been treated for) any hereditary diseases. Breeding attempts are limited to help keep the litter to a reasonable size and to help reduce premature birth.  This is in the best interest of the dam. Most of the time this works, but occasionally a pregnancy may be missed entirely, or a female may be very fertile. Once pregnancy is visually confirmed, the expected litter will be posted on the 'litter' page, and then after birth any available pups will be posted. Early deposits are accepted starting one week after birth. Viewings start when pups are weaning. As years pass, breeders retire and younger breeders may take their place. The litter dam and sire are pictured on the litter page along with any special pedigree information. DNA is recorded as required by AKC. For more information regarding the AKC health registry, please click on the link at the top of this page. My dogs have the sweet nature that is typical of Goldens. Depending on their age and pedigree, some are more ambitious or energetic than others, but all are wonderful, fun, smart Goldens. They do not "worry" in stormy weather, and most like a wet yard, splashing in mud puddles, and retrieving. Youngsters occasionally bark at birds and rabbits, but the majority rarely bark except in an announcing manner. To ensure my dogs are properly cared for, my kennel is licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and is also county licensed. I bring vets into my kennel for health checks, vaccinations, and to discuss improvements. The occasional litter helps to cover current costs, upgrades, and future medical expenses for retirees. I love this breed and am proud to be able to provide Goldens to families who will enjoy them and appreciate them as much as I do. Overseeing the proper care, the viewings, and the re-homing of pups is a time-consuming venture and my full-time job. 100% effort is necessary for the best outcome of the mother and litter! Satisfaction comes when the pups settle happily in their new homes, and the mother is recovering well. That's when I feel it is a win-win situation! Thank you for considering my Golden pups!